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I would like to acquaint you with my philosophies and intentions. I feel that loving and knowing Christ as our Lord and Savior is the very core of our family unit.

Besides Nutritious meals and snacks, children also need interaction with children their own age, exercise and a variety of activities. We also learn about God and the way He works in our lives. All of this will be provided for in a consistent routine with a certain amount of flexibility.

Unfortunately, today it takes two incomes to make ends meet. With both parents working it is highly important that your children have a safe, nurturing place to go. I try to provide the home away from home. By providing a loving, Christian, and supportive environment where children can grow, learn and have fun.

I am sure that you as a parent and I together have one common goal for our children; provide them with the things they need the most so they can grow to their fullest potential.











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Mission Statement

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