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Welcome to Sue’s Family Daycare!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sue Tecmire and I am a registered daycare provider and have been providing quality daycare in Medford, Oregon for over 25 years.

Children have always been important to me, so when my sons were small I decided to take up a profession where I could be near them and at the same time be able to invest into other children’s lives also.

I provide a place for your children to come to, and you can rest assured it is a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

My home is set up and equipped so that your child can come and play, learn and grow. I have chosen age appropriate toys that children like to play with and allow for imagination and creative play. I also plan activities for the children, some of these activities in the past have included; all the standard parties (i.e. Valentines), a dental assistant visit, a fireman, and even going to the firehouse another time. In addition I provide a pre-school setting age appropriate for the children.

I serve nutritionally balanced meals backed by the USDA food program.

In the past couple of years I have begun to really see the need for childcare providers for special needs children and I have really felt a call to service this area of childcare.






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I am continually obtaining up to date training and education that will enable me to become even more effective at providing the best care available to the children I care for. Because of my participation in the program for certification, and my years of experience, I have been asked to be a mentor to new daycare providers.